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The game industry began its development in the 1970s, simultaneously with the sale of the first computers. For almost half a century, the computer games industry has reached such a scale that it is ahead of its closest competitors: the film industry, the music industry, and the show business.


Crash games such as Aviator and Jet X are very popular at the moment.

The feature of the game market allows both large companies, releasing high-budget blockbuster games (AAA-class games), and individuals, to create their own games without any funding (indie games).

Since the emergence of the new industry, it has been actively developed and promoted by such companies as Atari, Nintendo, Sega Enterprise, Electronic Arts, Activision, Valve, Interplay Productions, Id Software, Blizzard, and many others.

Many developers see the computer games industry only as a sector of the economy, in which you can earn good money. But in fact, game-making is also a cultural tool. The cultural potential of computer games is just beginning to unfold, but it is already clear that this potential is enormous.

Today, the games market is the largest segment of the global digital content market, generating multibillion-dollar revenues each year and attracting a vast audience.

Game companies use different communication channels to promote their games, using the Internet, television, outdoor advertising, press, and radio to promote their game projects.

The annual advertising costs of players can be in the millions and hundreds of millions of dollars. The main target audience of publishers’ advertising campaigns is the community – the community of players, teams, clans, etc. that forms around each multiplayer online project.

The importance of working with the community has led to the emergence of the concept of “community management” and a similar specialization for company employees. This direction is actively developing and has already become an integral part of the overwhelming majority of companies working in the market.

One form of game promotion is an event in games that are usually held by the administration of the game in order to increase the popularity of the game. This event is announced in advance on the official website, forum, or in the system chat and a specific time is set and, if necessary, the channel and location are specified. Upon completion, participants receive bonuses and the most distinguished receive valuable awards.

Event Game

The event games is often associated with various official holidays (New Year, Christmas, Halloween, etc.), with in-game holidays (in honor of the opening of the new server, the birthday of the game, etc.), with the planned update or event held as compensation for technical failures. However, regardless of the reasons for the event its main purpose – is to increase the popularity of the game, as mentioned earlier.

Crash Games

Crash Games are fast cash games online. This is a new kind of gambling, ĸ which is becoming very popular lately.

In crash games, you bet on how long it will take to crash your virtual currency. If you think the price of the currency will fall in the next minute, you can bet on it and if it happens you will win. Crash money games are very risĸovan, but at the same time very exciting. You can easily lose all your money, but if you are careful, you can win big sums.

According to statistics, during interesting events where you can get valuable prizes, the number of players increases at times: those who have not played for a long time – remember account passwords and come to participate, experienced players are trying to get the best prize, as well as new players, are registering.

Along with the increasing interest in the game, it also strengthens existing and establishes new ties within the community.

There are different ways of holding an event within the game, it all depends on the game itself and the imagination of the developers, we will highlight the most common ways:

  • In the form of a unique task, which is given to each player. Whoever passes it first – gets the grand prize, and the rest get consolation bonuses for participation;
    in the form of multiple tasks, for completing which you get tokens or commemorative coins, for which you can buy something of value;
  • In the form of answers to riddles to the gamemaster, who asks questions on knowledge of the game world. In such quests, the winner is the one who was the first to give the correct answer;
  • In the form of tasks that can only be performed in a raid group of 50-100 characters. Such events are triggered when the game is updated and a new race or location with hostile monsters is introduced. Players must defeat all monsters, including the main boss, and then the update is complete.

For the passage of such events, there are prizes, it can be a rare and expensive item in the game, necessary for improvement and at the same time it is impossible to get in normal game mode, or the reward for the passage may be a title, which is difficult to get at other times, as well as you can win artifacts that strengthen the game characters, etc.

Events are held in many games, such as Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Overwatch, and many others. One of the last big events was in the game Dota, it was called “Dashing Maelstrom” and was timed to coincide with the international championship of the game.

Before describing the features of the event a few words about the game itself and the international championship. Dota 2 – computer multiplayer online battle arena multiplayer team game developed by Valve Corporation. It is an independent continuation of the DotA modification maps for Warcraft III.

Dota 2 runs on a free-to-play model with elements of micropayments. The game involves two teams of five people, each of which has its own base on the map. All players control one of the heroes that have unique abilities and different styles of play. The team that destroys the main building of the enemy (Ancient) wins.

Dota 2 is an active eSports discipline in which professional teams from around the world compete in various leagues and tournaments. Premium tournaments have millions of dollars in prize pools and have repeatedly been the largest in the history of eSports.

The largest gaming tournament is The International, Valve’s annual event at KeyArena in Seattle. Valve also hosts The Major every season. Major professional Dota 2 tournaments are streamed on video streaming services, sometimes attracting over a million viewers at a time.

The International is the first Dota 2 event and the largest of other annual tournaments. First held at GamesCom in 2011. The tournament aims to popularize the game. Before the international championship company Valve issued a combat pass for the tournament.

Combat Pass is a kind of key that gives the right to participate in the event “Dashing Maelstrom”, released before the championship. A feature of Dashing Maelstrom was the cooperative playthrough, team quests, and knowledge tests of the game. Normal game mode – arena, a competition between two teams, with a cooperative passage of the rival team of players is artificial intelligence, which has different degrees of complexity.

The event is divided into two acts: Act I: The Sands of Destiny and Act II: Eerie Depths. In the first act, it was necessary to pass through divided zones, at the end of which a deserved number of stars was given, but players could pass through all the zones without receiving any stars. The second act was also divided into different zones, which in turn had three levels of difficulty; stars were given at the end of each zone depending on the goals achieved, meaning players could earn nothing.

The money raised from selling battle passes formed the majority of The International’s prize pool, i.e. the main goals of such events in Dota 2 were to draw attention to the championship, form the prize pool, and then attract new players. In addition to expanding the game’s community with new players, new connections are being made within the community.

The International is not the only big event in the gaming industry, some of the big ones are Gamescom and E3.

Such events, just like any other, require careful preparation and organization, along with them are no less important and large events in the games themselves. They have a certain plot, are timed to some important dates, holidays, etc., and also require preparation and organization.

Such specific events gather a similar team, but in such a team necessarily includes programmers who will bring to reality the idea of managers and designers. Despite the fact that such events take place in virtual reality, the essence and basic features are the same as the events in the more traditional sense.

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